We work to ensure families and communities thrive economically. 

HSUA: Housing Stabilization & Utility Assistance

Provide short-term rent or mortgage assistance and case management to ensure eviction prevention, emergency assistance for move-in costs, as well as utility assistance to avoid disconnection. In addition, we provide concurrent supportive services, housing advocacy, and life skills training to ensure housing and income stability.


Heating, Cooling & Transportation Assistance

Provide supports for families in need of assistance with heating, cooling or public transportation expenses. This includes providing one-time grants for fuel, electric, utility companies, oil deliveries and vouchers for bus transportation. Partners include United Way of Long Island's Project Warmth Emergency Fuel Fund


Stop The Debt

Spiral Campaign

A community-led campaign identifying and creates solutions to reducing the debt trap and improve credit inclusion for Black Long Islanders. The campaign is a collaborative effort with Vision Street Research and State of the Black Long Island convened by Urban League of Long Island.

Stop the Debt Spiral - New Flier.png

Youth Workforce Development

We help young people succeed in jobs, entrepreneurship, and ongoing career learning. We build our programs to better connect young people with mentors, training providers, and employers throughout Nassau County. This includes onboarding, job readiness skills and placement during out of school, weekend and summer hours.


Roosevelt Small Business Incubators

We partner with the Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce in providing small business development and advocacy on main street revitalization efforts to improve economic opportunities.


By donating today, you will support our work to ensure all families can grow economically.