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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect resources, services, and opportunities for children and families across Long Island to reach their fullest potential.


Our Vision

One day, all children will be healthy and thrive on Long Island, regardless of zip code.

Our Approach

We provide direct services and promote community leadership development focused on education, health, and economic justice. 


We want to make sure children have access to quality education, children grow up healthy in a healthy neighborhood and communities thrive economically. 


Our Why

Opportunity should not be limited by a child's background or zip code, especially here on Long Island.


Our two-prong approach provides access to stability and builds justice towards sustainability for the children and families we serve. We see the voices of the children and families we serve as assets towards the change they desire. Together, we are fighting to change that narrative here on Long Island - one zip code at a time. 

Can you help us make a difference?

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