Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance programs and policies that ensures the well-being of children and families on Long Island and beyond.


Our Vision

No matter what your zip code is, every child and family deserves the opportunity to be healthy and thrive.

Our essence is simple. Children and families comes first.


During a living room conversation in 2011, a group of parents and community leaders came together wanting more for their children.  We mapped a vision where families wanted choice and access in ensuring their kids were healthy and thrive. It was that night that the name, "Choice for All", was born. They developed a goal where through education, health, income, and policy, we can fight to give every child a chance. Starting in Roosevelt, Choice for All continues to grow in our reach throughout Long Island, but maintain our grassroots approach in making a difference in the communities we serve. 

Can you help us make a difference?

Choice for All


59 Babylon Tpke, Roosevelt, NY 11575

Freeport - We're moving in Spring 2020!

358 N Main Street, Freeport, NY 11520

Email: info@choiceforall.org

Phone: 516-544-2955

Registered Charity: 45-2685162


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