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New Legislation Gives New Yorkers Opportunity to Save Time, Vote Early


This year Choice for All geared up for election season hosting "Save Time, Vote Early" events in Roosevelt and Hempstead designed to encourage residents to vote early. For the first time in voting history, New Yorkers were permitting to cast their votes early, allowing voters with busy schedules the chance to dodge the rush on Election Day. New legislation allowed voters to visit the polls from October 26th through November 3rd.

To kick off the "Save Time, Vote Early" campaign, the Civic Engagement department tabled at Youth-run Farmers Markets in Hempstead and Roosevelt. After residents shopped for fresh produce, they were offered sandwiches and the opportunity to learn about the new legislature. Similar campaigns were held throughout the state.

According to the Nassau County Board of Elections, an estimated 3,000 voters cast their votes daily during the early voting period totaling a quarter million throughout the state. With the 2020 Presidential Election peeking its head around the corner, Choice for All urges all residents to learn about the candidates, stay civically engaged, and encourage others to vote.

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